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Inspired By Collaboration and dialogue

by creating strong bonds, we try to make a difference within our community.

our ideals

BYDA has ideals and principles that define the very core meaning of its existence.

  • International focus – we wish to collaborate with people from different cultural backgrounds

  • Education – we value and encourage having strong educational and academic foundation

  • People not profits – we wish to give back, not take more

If you desire to add on to these, feel free to join us and make a difference!


Our mission is to encourage youth activity in pursuit of advocating for peace, tolerance, understanding, and justice in the modern world and promoting dialogue and friendship among people of different religious/ethnic backgrounds.

Our vision is to create strong bonds within our community by collaborating and creating dialogue with other organizations that share our purpose. We hope to give back to our community to the best of our ability.

As Boston Youth Dialogue and Advocacy, we are committed to valuing days of remembrance and celebration in order to bring our community together. From Veterans Day to Diwali, we do our best to embrace as many cultures and religions as possible.

We accept all volunteers who value dialogue

Become Part of BYDA to Fight for a better society.